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Strategy & Accompaniment

Indall connects engineering, science, and technology with relevant societal topics. The team of academic engineers, with over a decade of experience in marketing, is used to working with and understanding complex content. This aids them in their discussions with engineering and R&D so they can develop a proposal with precise content as quickly as feasible. In this manner, the client is freed from the stress of the process, and a fitting strategy will efficiently be developed and applied. Furthermore, Indall actively contributes suggestions and proposals to make communication a daily practice in the business plan. 

The strategy for the successful application of visualization is crucial for result-focused communication. The integration of diverse platforms is a frequently ignored subject in this. The effect will be strengthened by using the visualizations online as well as in expositions and presentations, increasing their recognizability. 

The aim of the visualization is crucial in this regard. Is it to attract investors to facilitate growth? Or is it an innovation that calls for external partners? Or maybe the product is already finished and only needs to be launched internationally. Indall guides businesses in decision-making.

The best approach to convey information can be through an infographic, or a clarifying animation film is required. Here the golden rule is – goal over form. 

Roland Guijs - Technische informatie is vaak complex en bevat veel vakjargon. Door dit op een begrijpelijke manier te visualiseren kan iedereen de techniek achter een proces of product begrijpen

Are you interested in learning how Indall can assist you in securing a strong market position? With a background in mechanical engineering, co-founder Roland Guijs is happy to provide his thoughts on the visual placement of your innovations and development. Get in touch via +31 (0)6-589 388 98 of [email protected].