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About Indall

Building bridges with visual content

An allegory is the image of an abstract phenomenon in a concrete shape, such that the people can understand it. The Old Greek applied this, but also Shakespeare for example loved this way of storytelling. In the industry, a similar problem is often faced. Engineers develop and design something but face great difficulty in transferring this knowledge to the non-technical schooled colleges or potential client. Indall is the allegory the industry and makes abstract, complex technology understandable and visual for marketing- and sales departments.

With an extensive scale of techniques, your product or service will be illustrated in high quality visual content. This can be for example video- and photography, 3D-animation or graphic design, depending on what suits best in the challenge offered by you. With an unique combination of academic educated engineer with a track-record in the marketing, Indall is able to quickly and independently understand technology and visualize this clearly. This way, technological development will not only be limited to the internal engineering department, but can also be applied effectively by the marketing- and sales department. 

Technical expertise
As a technological visualization agency, Indall has her roots in the academic world of mechanical engineering and industrial product design. This, combined with experience and skills in video production, form the foundation of Indall. With a multidisciplinary team and an extensive network of engineers and marketeers connects Indall technological developments with the right target group. 

For Indall, the collaboration with the client is of essential value. In this partnership, the adequate visual solution is sought-after, and in this process all corporate-sensitive information are guarded carefully. To this extent, Indall works during the entire process with secured storage and will all image processing be performed on our own equipment. 

Indall offers a wide scale of possibilities to visualize products and services. Examples of such are (3D CAD) animation, video- and photography and graphic design. On the page Services, an extensive overview is available of course are our experts ready to discuss whatever suits your wishes best.

Indall connects through visual content
Film production
Infographic Design
Product and Service Visualization
Campaign development

Interested in the possibilities? Get in touch with us via [email protected] or call (+31)6 589 388 98.