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Sustainability & Society

In September 2019, Greta Thunberg orates at the UN summit: ‘Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming whether you like it or not.’ And this message, about sustainability and society, is more important than ever for companies. Societal relevance and sustainability have become more important than ever for companies. In addition to being significant for internal and external communication, it is also important for employer branding and product development. Indall helps companies to effectively communicate their societal impact. 

Innovation and future generations go hand in hand. Young people and entrepreneurs are frequently the ones who come up with fresh and ground-breaking ideas. However, it is our social responsibility to foster innovation for the benefit of future generations. New developments and progression are crucial to fighting climate change and protecting others. But raising awareness and having a conversation is equally important. Without conversation, no change exists. Videography, done through an explainer video or documentary, in a reporter style, is the perfect way to inspire and educate about sustainability topics. 

Furthermore, societal relevance and sustainability are crucial elements in employer branding. The employee of the 21st century has become more demanding: a competitive salary and interesting secondary conditions no longer cut it. Relevancy and making a difference in the world are two factors that are becoming more and more important, even in the technology sector. Indall helps companies to communicate their social impact through visuals, to be distinctive in the search for personnel. These can be carried out, for instance, through a focused video campaign by clearly communicating core values and innovations

By supporting student teams such as Solar Team Twente and TUecomotive, Indall contributes to a greener world. The next generation is helped with the communication and visualization of their developments, which encourages creativity that can lead to change, and is stimulated. Indall also creates dynamic platforms for sustainable innovation, including a documentary about mobility and hydrogen. This approachable format made the theory and practices of hydrogen mobility understandable for a wide target group.

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