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Brand & Reputation

For a company, brand and reputation are very important. To be recognized as a reliable partner for suppliers and clients, as well as in employer branding. In this, it’s important that the proposition is made clear and that the firm is recognized and acknowledged. With progressing digitization, online presence is more relevant than ever. 

Indall offers technological enterprises advice on how to represent their digital identity through visualizationsVideo is frequently used because of its adaptability and diversity. However, there is no one size that fits all. While the human element is vital for one organization, innovation is the central topic of communication for another. Every focus demands a unique approach and expression. To attract interest from other parties, start-ups, for example, will significantly rely on visualizations for presentations and innovations. Reputable businesses will benefit more from a transparent workplace brand and reputation proposal and a trustworthy image towards suppliers and customers.

An often-applied concept to establish a reliable image as an export is with video in a series. A strong and reliable image of the company will be developed if the long-term investment is prioritized rather than the short-term. People will recognize the company as a guru in their field of work and appreciate the shared knowledge and insights. 

The employer branding of technology companies is a major challenge nowadays. Manufacturing companies should have a good image and an offer to attract and keep employees. Online presence, display of technological advancement, a challenge, and a human side are crucial in this regard.

A company’s investment in its brand and reputation may not yield benefits immediately, but over the long- and medium-term, it will pay off handsomely.

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Co-founder Remco Guijs is experienced in both marketing and engineering. Based on this unique combination, he offers advice to businesses on targeted and convincing visual concepts. Get in touch via +31 (0)6-428 940 87 or [email protected].