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Lifelong learning, education, instruction, e-learning, and training are becoming more and more significant for the technical sector. Due to recent developments and innovations, practically every function now includes additional training. This might include both general skills and knowledge as well as detailed product instructions.

Manufacturing companies typically notice a high staff turnover rate and a dynamic output range. Hence, it is crucial to keep the training trajectory as short as possible so that the workforce can contribute to the business as soon as possible. Digital resources like instructional videos are the perfect solution for this. A focused video may clearly and visually explain how to install a product. This can serve as both internal instruction documentation and end-user maintenance assistance. Especially since companies are increasing their overseas export, instructional videos for technical products become increasingly important. By shipping products in subassemblies, the shipping costs can be reduced, and final assembly can be performed by local parties. This results in a significant reduction in costs. The mechanics’ travel time and expenses are also reduced. 

Learning has a decreasing physical component. There are several options including online teaching materials, hybrid learning, and full e-learnings since online learning has numerous advantages such as learning at everyone’s preferred time and location, the possibility to pause and re-watch, and the option of a completely custom, personal learning experience.

Indall helps companies to translate information into a form in which the message and knowledge are communicated in a clear way, resulting in efficient training. Examples include complete e-learning for technical companies, informational videos, or an online environment for hybrid learning. 

Remo Guijs helpt bedrijven bij het maken van: e-learnings voor techniek,

Co-founder Remco Guijs conducted research on digital e-learnings for the technological sector at the University of Twente. He eagerly contributes his expertise to the development of effective online learning methods. Get in touch with Remco via +31 (0)6-428 940 87 or [email protected].