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The Netherlands is a very innovative nation. Dutch innovations include the clap skate, the submarine, the microscope, and the EUV from ASML. A decent concept and perseverance are two essential components for a successful invention, innovation and development. A good concept needs investors, suppliers, and co-developers among other things to become a profitable product. Clear communication is essential for both pursuing individuals and working together to develop. 

With powerful visuals, Indall assists creative, aspirational businesses in getting their message across. Whether it is a startup or a multinational, clear communication is essential. This should be the main focus, especially during a vital stage like conception. The step from an initial idea to a functional prototype is a complex process, especially with multiple parties involved. 

Applying 3D animation, for instance, is a suitable method to realize high-quality visuals of the conceptual product, in an early stage. Based on 3D CAD models, Indall provides the option to generate realistic images or animations, with endless possibilities. 

Indall helps, for example, with concept presentations for investors and progress updates for clients, and increases the insight and understanding of the sales department. Besides creating a high-quality image or animation, the team of academic engineers can also help with creating insight into the technical aspects of a product or process. This way, the technological advancement and distinctive elements can be clearly illustrated, to establish clear communication with external parties. Enabling technical companies to focus on what they are really good at – changing the world with ground-breaking innovation. 

Also, for tenders and subsidiaries, visualizations are an excellent method to be distinctive and stand out. A tender often requires hundreds of hours to be invested, which results in an extensive report. However, the assessment committee does not always have enough background knowledge on the topic and receives multiple submissions. Therefore, it is essential to clearly communicate the proposition. By investing in a clear infographic, image, or video, the message clearly comes forward, increasing the chances of approval. 

Roland Guijs - Technische informatie is vaak complex en bevat veel vakjargon. Door dit op een begrijpelijke manier te visualiseren kan iedereen de techniek achter een proces of product begrijpen

Are you interested in learning how Indall can speed up development and commercialize innovations? With a background in mechanical engineering, co-founder Roland Guijs is happy to provide his thoughts on the visual positioning of your innovations and development. Get in touch via +31 (0)6-589 388 98of [email protected].