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Sales & Digitization

Digitization has become a part of everyday life. In addition to more traditional methods like networking and expositions, online exposure becomes a vital part of the sales process. Examples of such are digital presentations along with being active on LinkedIn and suggesting an online exposition to friends and family. A consistent and professional appearance in these expressions is essential. 

Indall offers technical businesses advice on how to use visualizations as a tool for sales and digitization, intending to increase revenue. For certain businesses, focusing on a specific product with a customized campaign based on 3D animations might be the most effective strategy. However, for others, brand recognition ought to come first. No one solution fits all. 

Indall carefully investigates the company’s online presence, the market to which they are related, and of course, what the competitors are up to. Based on this, combined with the experience and expertise of the academic engineers, a strategic plan will be developed at Indall. In this plan, the strategy for promoting the client’s goods and/or services across the world will be covered. This might include a LinkedIn campaign as well as specific advice and resources for the sales team. 

By providing the team with crystal-clear presentations, infographics, or videos, they will be better equipped to offer their message to the client. Other ideas include creating a video series about a particular product line, an animation to introduce a new product or an entire virtual exposition. 

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