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3D Film Animations

A 3D film in which complex technology is animated is the ideal method to illustrate how a technological product works. Based on a 3D CAD model, the mechanism and working principle of a machine can be animated and hence be captured in a video.

A big advantage of this is the dependence on a working prototype and suitable location disappears. Furthermore, there are no physical boundaries such as safety fences, since the entire video is created digitally. Because of this, it is possible to show internal mechanism in the product. Hence, 3D Film animation is the ideal method to give insight in your product to others. 

Moreover, the application of 3D Film animation is flexible. For example, by showing different modules of a product and easy explanation of the location and function of these. The colors and used materials can be chosen flexible and photorealistic. Of course, 3D animation can be used complementary to videography content. This enables the perfect combination to display your product clearly and professional. 


Display internal mechanisms
• Visualize independently of a physical product or location
• Adjust animations flexibly to product variations

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