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Instruction Manuals

For every product designed, at a certain point the design team will have to explain the end-user how to utilize the product. A manual or video instruction is a suitable and efficient method for this. A manual provides a clear, written step by step description, whereas a video can be the ideal solution to educate new personnel, training or as a substitute or addition to a physical course. 

A big advantage of the usage of instruction video’s is that the viewer can watch the video’s in his or her own pace. By pausing the video or using the rewind function, is the viewer able to watch a complex part of the information again and hence is enabled to grab all the details. The video can also be played along with the assembly or installation of a product, and guide to technician this way step by step through the process. Graphic animations can be used to stress important element or attend to the user to for example potential health and safety risks. 

Another advantage of instruction video’s is that, after creation, they can be used repeatedly and quickly, without the need of an instructor. This can for example be applied when new personnel has to be trained.


Time and cost efficient
The viewer can absorb the information at his own pace
Easy to translate

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