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Videoproduction bring GroenvermogenNL 500 million EUR for green hydrogen

The Netherlands must be CO2-neutral by 2050, and to accomplish this, Het Nationaal Groeifonds makes billions of euros available to stimulate sustainable innovation. The final decision for this is called for by the administration, with limited time and knowledge on the topic. One of the subsidiaries is GroenvermogenNL, who requested Indall to help them stand out with their proposal for electrolyze capacity of green hydrogen.

A convinced and clarifying summary with video

The present this comprehensive proposal in a compact way, Indall developed a 2D-animation which summarizes the proposal. All the essential information was rewritten to a compact and powerful message, supported with a voice-over. Thanks to the engineering background of Indall, the team could perform this efficiently. The result is a clear video production with animation for GroenvermogenNL, in which in two minutes summarizes the proposal and makes it stand out.

Wide societal support for GroenvermogenNL

A unique feature of GroenvermogenNL, is the support from a diversity of organizations. This involved academics, representatives from the industry, but also for example Marjan Minnesma from Urgenda. In close consultation, the exhibited their support on camera. Indall unburdened in the entire planning of the video recordings, and by portraying these stakeholders they created a wide support.


Indall voor GroenvermogenNL Amersfoort 2023

Antoni Forner Cuenca (Eindhoven University of Technology), Maria Fennis (CEO HyET Hydrogen), Guustaaf Savenije (CEO VDL-ETG), Manon Janssen (Voorzitter Sectortafel Industrie), Marjan Minnesma (oprichter van Stichting Urgenda)

The proposal has been approved by the committee and administration, making 500 million EUR available for the development of elektrolyzer capacity. This is one of the top tier approvals of round two of Het Nationaal Groeifonds, and brings The Netherlands a pioneering position in the development towards a sustainable future. Thanks to the video, a bulky proposal was presented in a summarized and comprehensive manner, and hence the proposal stood out between the others. This highly contributed to the insight and comprehensiveness of the committee.

With Indall thinking along actively on content and execution, the video was realized in a very short span of time, unburdening the writing committee, and having the video delivered on time for the proposal deadline.