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3D animation and strategy development to create clouds with turbines

To get, as a start-up, around the table with the TU Delft and Siemens Gamesa, thanks to an animation film. The Global Irrigation Project did it, with their revolutionary idea to create clouds with turbines. Animation company Indall was asked to develop a visual identity, along with a 3D film. The video got worldwide attention and created trust in the concept from reputable parties. Currently, a first proof of concept has come significantly closer.

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Indall was from the start of the project actively involved in the visualizing and communicating the first concepts. In tight cooperation with the initiators and patent office Arnold & Siedsma Indall realized the required materials for the launch. For example, the team thought along on the fulfillment of the patent and developed several conceptual drawings. These for the basis for the final patent images. Central content piece in the trajectory was the development of a launch film, in which the story is told in an inspiring way. In this, it was a crucial element that the film was correct on the content details.

The result is an impressive 3D film, with custom sound design and in multiple languages. In the animated concept film is shown how The Global Irrigation Project aims to cool down the earth, by creating clouds with wind turbines. This is shown with surreal landscapes, agricultural robots, and futuristic wind parks.

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Besides a custom 3D animation film, Indall developed the visual identity. This consists, among others, from a brand guide, logo, website, and flyers. This all, the team distributed among the worldwide press, and hence, the story reached an international audience in its first week after launch. And with success, since the film reached several major players from the industry, accelerating the development of the project.